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A new look for 2021!

This year the Summer Services Booklet for Children and Youth with Disabilities, also known as the Yellow Booklet, has been transformed to a new online format. We hope that everyone finds this website easy to navigate and that it helps you and your children to plan your summer fun! There is a wide range of non-profit and for-profit service providers and program options available to choose from. You can also apply for the services that CYSN sponsors here. No private information is kept on this site, so if you email a service provider or complete a fillable form through this website, it only goes to the contact you select. While the Yellow Booklet website is designed to ensure that all parents have equal access to program information in order to make informed decisions, we caution you that this list is not comprehensive. CYSN and Community Living Victoria have included those service providers who were already listed in the Yellow Booklet in previous years. However, if you know of other local summer service providers who are dedicated to inclusion and diversity of children and youth with disabilities, let them know about this site. They can ask to add a listing in future years.

We would like to acknowledge the historical contribution of Recreation Integration Victoria (RIV) to the Yellow Booklet and, in general, for their years of service dedicated to assisting persons with disabilities and their families in the Capital Region to navigate inclusive programming and accessible spaces.  From 1996 to 2020, RIV coordinated this essential summer entertainment guide which highlighted unique, fun, accessible, inclusive and developmentally rewarding options for children and youth with disabilities with them in mind!  Families have come to rely on the booklet as their first signal that spring and summer is on the way. RIV ended their services in March 2020 so Community Living Victoria was invited to oversee the online Yellow Booklet for years to come. We wish you a fabulous and healthy summer ahead!

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The Greater Victoria Collaborative for Adapted Sport and Physical Activity

OneAbility is a collaborative of community partners that aims to provide leadership to enhance the adapted sport and physical activity landscape through knowledge sharing, building capacity and increasing awareness.

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Potential Funding Opportunities

Funding is available for all activities.

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More information goes here and here, perhaps a few sentences about all the possible summer camp subsidies andwhere to apply for them. The link would take the visitor to a dedicated page which lists all the potential subsidies along with the relevant contact information they need.

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Community Living Victoria is not responsible for the independent information provided by business and agencies on this website. We do not rate or verify the information gathered and it is solely the responsibility of the listed business and agencies to keep their information up to date. Community Living Victoria does not collect individual personal information on this website and it is solely up to individual business and agencies listed to collect, store and manage information based on their personal information policies.